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Most of the clinics listed on this website offer a FREE exploratory consultation for prospective implant patients. The initial consultation only takes about 15 minutes and does not involve a clinical examination. The discussion can help you consider the options for treating your dental problems and decide whether to proceed to the next stage.

Once you have decided that you want tooth implant treatment, the next step is a clinical consultation. This includes an oral examination and clinical assessment, from which a costed individual plan is produced for your treatment. Most dentists charge a fee for the clinical consultation but some refund the cost when you proceed with the treatment.

Please provide as much relevant information as possible. However, you may wish to save discussion of any sensitive medical information until your face-to-face consultation with the implant dentist of your choice.

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Smiling and laughing with confidence
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Fill a gap to replace a lost or failing tooth/teeth
Replace a short-span bridge or partial denture
Support a full arch bridge to replace a complete denture
Secure a loose or poor fitting full denture

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