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Dental implants to replace missing teeth

This website is for people who have lost one or more of their natural teeth. It contains information about implants for permanently replacing missing teeth and details of more than 2000 clinics in the UK that offer the treatment.

click4teeth provides information from dentists about replacing a single tooth, several teeth or a full set. There are answers to questions about dental implant treatment, you can find a local dentist to provide tooth implants and see what other patients say about the procedure.

Eat, talk, smile and laugh with confidence

Dental implants can be used to support single crowns, multiple tooth bridges or full dentures. The aesthetic and functional results are generally better than loose prostheses. When properly looked after, implant supported dental restorations can last a lifetime.

  • A dental implant is a titanium metal rod used to replace lost or failing tooth roots
  • Implant-supported false teeth overcome the inconvenience and discomfort of loose dentures
  • With implants there’s no need to damage adjacent healthy teeth to attach a bridge
  • Continuing to use the underlying bone reduces resorption, which can cause later problems

Patients who have benefited from dental implant treatment are normally very enthusiastic about the results.

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