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Many people who are pleased with their dental implants are keen to tell others about the difference the treatment has made to their lives. This website gives you the opportunity to publish your experience to encourage other people to consider dental implant treatment.

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Dental implants have transformed my life

I arrived at 32 Whites Dentist in Marple with very serious problems with my teeth and gums - requiring dedicated and professional intervention.  John Mantel and Ian Wellings provided expert advice and superb dental treatment - performing a series of operations and procedures for dental implants which have been life changing - highly recommended!

Dental implants have transformed my life and feel extremely comfortable.  Absolutely incredible compared to the alternative which for me was unsustainable.

Julia Fitton, Romily, Stockport

Patient of: Dr Ian Wellings, 32 Whites Dental Care

They feel good, look good and work well when eating

"Hi Steve.  Just to let you know my [implant-supported] denture is fitting perfectly and to thank you for the work that you have done on my teeth.  They feel good, look good and work well when eating.  I have to say that my time at your surgery was probably the best experience I’ve had in any dentist, and your meticulous attention to detail has shown in the end result.  Kind regards."


Peter Suddaby, Romsey

Patient of: Dr Steve Larcombe, St Lawrence House Dental Practice

I do not embarrass my girlfriend when I open my mouth!

"I had numerous missing teeth; many of the remainder had been filled so often as to be beyond further repair and there were gum infections in various places. Eating was often awkward and uncomfortable and I was embarrassed about smiling or laughing.
Several teeth were removed, gums disinfected in places, and implants fitted over a period, together with repaired and re-built fillings, new crowns and a special bridging plate designed and built. It was conducted with great patience and consideration by Steve Larcombe and his staff. I appreciate the time and care taken in re-shaping and refining my new teeth where needed, ensuring the fit and biting action was as near perfect as possible!
I can now smile and laugh unselfconsciously, can eat with confidence and do not embarrass my girlfriend when I open my mouth"

Berry Walling, Southampton

Patient of: Dr Steve Larcombe, St Lawrence House Dental Practice

It's nice just to smile

"My top teeth have had extensive work done to them over the past 30 years in a bid to "save" them.  Unfortunately, despite restorative work, my gums had receded and most of my teeth were becoming loose.  After a visit to my NHS dentist and the extraction of another two teeth he fitted me with a denture.  After 2 days I knew that I could not wear it for the next thirty years so I investigated dental implants.
The practice was recommended to me and I booked in to see Steve for a consultation.  He recommended fixed teeth supported by four dental implants.  As with most people I had a fear of dentists and as I found Steve’s manner to be extremely calm and reassuring and his knowledge so in-depth, decided he was the man for the job.  The first stage of treatment was the removal of 4 teeth, bone augmentation and the placement of 4 dental implants.  Unfortunately, one of my implants failed and after further consultation I decided I would rather have my remaining four teeth extracted and have a full arch implant supported bridge.  I trusted Steve’s judgement throughout and it became clear that he is quite a perfectionist which is exactly what you need if you want the final outcome to be the best. 
At the age of 47 the decision to have all my teeth out was a difficult one, I had got used to my dysfunctional teeth and learnt to communicate without showing them.  Like wise I always smiled with my mouth closed.  It was quite emotional to see my reflection in the mirror after the final fit and I am still getting used to smiling with my mouth open. 
It hasn't changed my confidence or how I feel about myself but it has given me a freedom.  I used to be embarrassed of my teeth so the effort I took to hide them is gone.  It's nice to just smile."

Julia Parker, Totton, Southampton

Patient of: Dr Steve Larcombe, St Lawrence House Dental Practice

The smile is back!

"I am delighted to give this feedback that can be shared with other clients, who like me are perhaps not sure whether to have dental implants. After seeing the x-rays in June 2014 following repeated infections, I took the major decision to have implant surgery. Steve took me through the options, timescale and cost before we decided upon fixed teeth supported by dental implants. Finally after allowing a period of healing the bridge was tested, adjusted and applied returning my smile to one my wife and I recognised from several years back. Throughout the whole process Steve's 
manner, professionalism and eye for detail meant I felt no regret at any stage on taking this journey. Steve made the whole experience one that I look back on with a smile.  
The smile is back!"

Roger Mead, Winchester.

Patient of: Dr Steve Larcombe, St Lawrence House Dental Practice

I wish I had done this years ago

"My teeth were in an extremely poor condition. Bridges and Crowns which had previously been fitted were constantly becoming loose and sometimes actually falling out.
During treatment I was given sedation due to my extreme nervousness. Throughout my treatment period I was kept fully informed of what was happening and all my questions were fully answered. At all times I was given constant reassurance which helped to put me at ease. The care and attention given to me was brilliant.
I feel much more confident with my appearance, happy to smile and brought a new lease of life for me. I wish I had done this years ago."

Carol Pritchard. Marple, Stockport.

Patient of: Dr Ian Wellings, 32 Whites Dental Care

I love my new smile!

"I love my new smile! Over the years, despite trying to keep my teeth in good condition, I had lost quite a lot of them and was in need of several implants to be inserted both in my upper and lower jaws. I was really very scared to go through such an extensive surgery but after professional and detailed explanation of all the procedures by Dr Peter Nixon I overcame my fear and my Odyssey had begun! The whole procedure involved removal of several teeth and insertion of 8 implants but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I have received a very careful and professional assessment and treatment throughout with explanations if I was uncertain about the progress of the treatment and healing procedure. After approximately one year of treatment I now have a set of beautiful new teeth. 
Clarendon Dental Spa in Leeds provided me with a highly professional and friendly service and I would recommend it to anybody who is nervous about major implant dental surgery."

Natalia Nalivaeva, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

Patient of: Dr Peter Nixon, Clarendon Dental Spa

I am now very healthy, active and confident

"Four years ago, my husband, Tony needed a wisdom tooth extraction. That same day, Tony asked Duncan if he would examine me, because the family had noticed that my general health was not good, nothing specific, but I was unable to shake off minor ailments quickly, as if there was some underlying problem. In due course, five implants were installed; this process was very successful and my new teeth were then installed after which I felt and looked better than I have for years. Throughout my treatment, Duncan emphasized hygiene and cleanliness which I took on board. I would go as far as to say, that I think Duncan has saved my life, I am now very healthy, active and confident."

Elizabeth Wright, Wigston, Leicester

Patient of: Dr Duncan Ralston, The Dental & Cosmetic Clinic

The immediate sense of taste is a delight to experience again

"Previously I had a front upper 4-tooth bridge which snapped earlier this year.
Dr. Carter evaluated the need to either repair the bridge or replace with implants. Jointly we agreed on the implant solution. Dr. carter and his staff were very reassuring, professional and explained all procedures clearly and efficiently throughout. As recovery time progressed and the implants fitted I was surprised how simple and effective the latter part of the process is. Dr Carter continually reassured and accurately described the process as we progressed throughout the treatment. 
For me the comfort the implants provide compared to false teeth / plates etc. is fantastic. Although it is early days the confidence to eat properly using all of the molars is wondrous and the immediate sense of taste is a delight to experience again. The teeth supported by the implants appear to be excellent and match up extremely well with those existing."

John McNeill, Dunfermline, Fife

Patient of: Dr Alan Carter, Dentistry at No 3

I no longer have the worry of the bridge falling out

"I had problems with a tooth in the centre of my upper teeth, the tooth had been capped. This was due to a tripping up. The tooth had its nerve removed. A further accident meant the tooth had to be removed. I had a bridge to replace this, almost every time I went on holiday the bridge fell out. 
11 years ago I had an implant fitted. I have had no further problems and I no longer have the worry of the bridge falling out and having to endure periods of feeling embarrassed about smiling with a gap in my teeth."

Lorraine Smith, Melksham, Wiltshire

Patient of: Dr Sam Elmanharawy , Cottage Dental Implant Centre Limited

Having implants has completely changed my life

".......Badly fitted dentures, remaining teeth in a very bad state.

After an initial consultation with Andrew Fennell at Winning Smiles I then realised what an extremely bad condition my teeth were in. After a CT scan I was advised that dental implants to replace all of my teeth was the best solution.

Throughout the whole treatment I was kept fully informed of every detail. The skill and expertise of Andrew and all his staff made the whole experience very reassuring and I felt confident of the outcome.

Since having the implants in 2009 it has completely changed my life, It has given me more confidence. People are still commenting on my teeth and cannot believe they are implants as they look so real."

John Beaumont, Billericay, Essex

Patient of: Dr Andrew Fennell, Winning Smiles

I feel more confident to smile and talk to people

"I was suffering from gum infection on one of my back tooth which already had a lot of work done to it as it was supporting a long four tooth bridge. Because of the complexity of the treatment for this tooth, my NHS dentist referred me to Dr Peter Nixon at Clarendon Spa.

He gave me three options of treatment with all their pros and cons. I decided to choose implants as they carry the most stable and long term solution. This procedure took about four months but it has been a much easy and relaxed experience than I have ever anticipated. Dr Nixon explained each step of the procedure as and when which gave me confidence and trust. 

I am very satisfied with my implants and I cannot tell they're not my own teeth. I feel more confident to smile and talk to people."

Carmen Farley, Garforth, Leeds

Patient of: Dr Peter Nixon, Clarendon Dental Spa

I cannot tell the difference between my dental implants and my natural teeth

"One of my lower left rear teeth had to be removed due to an abscess.  I managed with a gap for thirty years, although the opposing tooth became slightly erupted.

I then lost the adjacent tooth due to a root fracture.  With a two teeth gap on the lower left, I would no longer be able to eat using that side of my mouth.  I didn’t want to wear a denture.  A bridge would have damaged the adjacent healthy teeth.

I had two implants placed by Dr Peter Sanders of Dental Confidence in Southampton.  The procedure was fairly quick and only slight uncomfortable, not really painful at all. 

A two teeth bridge was fitted on top of the implants three months later.  I can now eat completely normally on both sides of my mouth.  I have to think back carefully to remember which ones are the implants and which are my natural teeth." 

Brian Williams, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Patient of: Dr Peter Sanders, Dental Confidence

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