Five ways that dental implants can help increase confidence

  • Dental implants help to regain a healthy smile - A failing tooth, a gap, a bridge or denture which is visible or loose, can make people feel self-conscious, embarrassed and reluctant to smile properly.  Dental implants can help restore self-esteem because they look and feel like natural teeth.  Implants are permanent replacements for failing or missing tooth roots.  Titanium posts recreate the root of the tooth and support new teeth, such as single crowns, multiple tooth bridges and full dentures.  Teeth implants give you a second chance to enjoy a healthy, confident smile.
  • Teeth implants can keep you looking younger - When you lose your teeth, the jawbone no longer receives the necessary stimulation from chewing and biting.  The width and height of the bone can gradually decrease (resorb) after the loss of a tooth.  Bone resorption shrinks the jaw contours, which can lead to wrinkled lips and a sunken mouth and face.  Dental implants are the only tooth restoration method that can help to preserve and reinvigorate bone growth by fusing (osseointegrating) with the jaw.  Implants become part of your anatomy when they anchor with your jawbone, helping to maintain your facial profile.
  • Implants help you to eat where and what you like Going out for a meal can be awkward and embarrassing for people with missing or loose teeth, dentures or bridgework.  Depending on where they are in your mouth, gaps and failing teeth can restrict your ability to eat certain foods.  If you wear a denture or bridge, there is always the risk of it becoming loose or breaking.  Dental implants are strong, stable and function like natural teeth.  They help to restore full chewing power, allowing you to enjoy all your favourite foods.  Having dental implants can help you to eat with confidence in public.
  • Dental implants don’t move or restrict your speech - If you wear ill-fitting dentures, simply talking might cause them to move.  This can result in you mumbling or slurring your speech.  Dental implants are fixed and allow you to speak clearly without the concern that teeth might slip.  If you have gaps in your mouth, you may make embarrassing whistling sounds and even spit when you talk.  Pronouncing some words may also be difficult if you have lost certain teeth.  Replacing missing natural teeth with implants enables you to speak normally, and eliminates the worry that your teeth might let you down in social situations.
  • Long-lasting implant confidence – Keeping your natural teeth for life is ideal.  But when tooth loss occurs, dental implants can give you back the ability to eat, speak and smile with renewed self-confidence and peace of mind.  Teeth implants also have long-term health benefits.  If implants are well cared for, and the bone they are fitted to is sufficient, strong and healthy, you can expect them to last for many years.  ‘Well maintained implants placed into adequate bone can be expected to last for many years and possibly for your lifetime.’ (Association of Dental Implantology, UK)

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