I can now smile, laugh and eat with confidence

Dr Steve Larcombe

Berry wanted a stable, balanced bite again.  He was fed up worrying about loose teeth, gaps, infections and how he looked when smiling.  A combination of individual dental implants in the lower jaw and a metal-framed denture retained by implants in the upper jaw, have helped him to regain function and a healthy mouth.

Berry felt that over the years, a heavy bite, teeth breakages and multiple fillings had left his teeth “beyond repair”.  He explains, “I had several missing teeth, many of the remainder had been filled and now the fillings were falling out.  My teeth were crumbling and I had repeated infections which gave me headaches.  Eating was often awkward and uncomfortable and I was embarrassed about smiling or laughing.”


Berry’s general dental practitioner recommended that he talk to Dr Steve Larcombe, a dental implant and reconstructive dentistry surgeon with 25 years experience, based at St Lawrence House Dental Practice in Winchester.  After discussing the options with Dr Larcombe and then with his partner, Berry decided that dental implants were the best way forward.  He explains, “A basic structure would be put in place using dental implants.  Implants would help reconstruct my mouth.”

His initial treatment involved a total of seven extractions which helped to clear abscesses and infection.  Once Berry was infection free and his gums had healed, Dr Larcombe could start to place the implants.  The treatment plan included a combination of single implants and crowns plus a metal-framed denture, retained by two implants.  Dr Larcombe explains, “In the upper jaw, crowns were fitted on Berry’s front teeth and his rear teeth were heavily filled.  The roots of missing teeth were removed and two implants and attachment units were placed to retain a metal-framed denture.” 

Dr Larcombe adds, “Berry wanted to avoid a denture in his lower jaw, so after the removal of abscessed and unrestorable molars, I placed three implants and three single crowns.  A natural tooth was also crowned.”

Berry was delighted with the final outcome.  He had an infection free, healthy looking mouth.  He enthuses, “My mouth is now a proper shape, with a balanced and structured bite, and no loose teeth or gaps to make eating painful.  Before having implants, the pressure on my gums from chewing would hurt.”


He adds, “My treatment was conducted with great patience and consideration by Steve Larcombe and his staff.  I appreciate the time and care taken in re-shaping and refining my new teeth, ensuring the fit and biting action were as perfect as possible.”

Berry is retired and to go ahead with the complex treatment was an important decision for him.  He explains, “I really didn’t want to have all my teeth out and use a conventional denture.  I ended up with a balance of implants and a retained metal denture.  I would certainly recommend implant treatment, ultimately it was worth it.  I have more stable, long-lasting teeth.”

He is also pleased with his improved appearance.   Berry concludes, “I can now smile and laugh unselfconsciously, I can eat with confidence and do not embarrass my girlfriend when I open my mouth.”