Preventing an existing full denture moving around


Loose conventional full denture
All teeth missing

  • Unable to eat, speak or smile with confidence
  • Denture needs to be fixed with cement daily
  • Lateral movement due to shrinkage of supporting ‘ridge’
  • Denture needs to be regularly replaced or relined


Implant stabilisation of conventional denture

  • Two implants with locator abutments
  • The locators simply hold the denture in position but do not support it
  • The denture still rests on the gums beneath 
  • Functions like a conventional denture, but without horizontal movement
  • Cheaper than an implant-supported fixed or removable full arch denture
  • Denture can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Sometimes can use existing denture, but usually a new one is the best solution


Continue with a full conventional denture

  • Initially cheaper than an implant-supported restoration
  • Bone supporting the gum beneath the denture will shrink due to lack of use
  • The pressure from an unsupported conventional denture during chewing reduces the blood supply to the gums and contributes to accelerated bone shrinkage through resorption
  • Lateral movement increases as underlining bone ridge shrinks
  • Denture will need to be regularly relined or replaced
  • Continuing impairment of eating, speech, confidence

Page compiled with assistance from Dr Pearse Stinson