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Dr Sarab Oberai

My implant teeth

No one would ever know that it is not an original tooth

"Having had an upper tooth fracture lengthways and having coped with the pain this caused I was relieved to have the tooth extracted.  I am so pleased that Dr Oberai offered me the chance to have an implant to replace it.  I was amazed by the speed and ease that the implant was settled into place and the lack of pain following the procedure.  The crown is now in place, my smile is restored and no one would ever know that it is not an original tooth.  I am more than happy to trust Dr Oberai and his team and would recommend his practice to anyone thinking of having implant surgery completed."

Diane Honeyball

Now I can eat anything I like

"I had seven missing teeth in the upper jaw which was becoming more and more of an issue, 
such as the inability to eat certain foods and with a very loose front tooth I would struggle to 
smile. Plus I had constant pain in the loose front tooth.
I had five implants; four at the back, two either side and one at the front. This was done in two stages. The four at the 
back were done first and then the front upper six months later once the bone had regenerated.
Now I can eat anything I like and am not afraid to smile. Also I have no more toothache with the front 

Joe Sepede, High Wycombe

Things are now good as new

"A tooth had been removed due to wear. Dr. Oberai fitted a perfect implant replacement with ease and little discomfort.
Thing are now good as new, couldn't have asked for more."

Elliot Holmes, Ashford

Dental implants helped me eat properly again

"I had a broken bridge and 4 teeth replaced. Two implants and missing teeth replaced. 
They have helped me eat properly again and given me confidence to smile. A damn good job!"

Barry Barney, Staines-upon-Thames

Having the implant has become one of the best decisions I have made

"I had a problem with an old crown and root that I had damaged. An implant was discussed and after careful consideration and as I was still only 32 I felt it was worth having.
I was given a lot of information and guidance throughout the whole process, before, during and after. Dr Oberai was always at the end of the phone if I needed help and reassurance.
As I was still young and the Tooth in question was a front visible one, I was able to smile again with confidence. Having the implant has become one of the best decisions I have made."

Mark Reeder, Sunbury-on Thames

I can now smile with confidence

"Had gap between teeth.
Had consultation. Dr Oberai, after examination and diagnostic preview, planned the size and position. After 2 months to allow soft tissue healing, they were assessed and monitored over a few weeks before completion of two titianium implants. 
I can now smile with confidence."

Mrs. N. Haynes, Wraysbury, Staines upon Thames

Patient testimonials

"The implants have changed my life and I had no pain or problems after. I have recommended Dr Oberai to all of my friends and family."

"I been a patient of Dr Oberai for 15 years now, and when I needed implants, I had no hesitation in trusting Dr Oberai to give me the best care."

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