Age is no barrier for dental implants

Patients can benefit from dental implants however old they are, according an article, based on the experience of dentists who provide the treatment.  If patients are healthy, have good oral hygiene and enough bone in their jaw, there is no upper age limit to having dental implants.

People with missing or failing teeth have been helped by implants to keep eating what they want and to stay socially active.  The article published on concludes that age needn’t be a key factor for dental implant success.  Implants placed in healthy, older patients with sufficient bone, can respond with the same predictability as in younger patients.

Dental implants can help people to keep eating, chewing, speaking and smiling without the worry and embarrassment missing teeth and denture use can bring.

Dr Jeremy Woodcock, one of the contributors to the article says:

“At Dental Excellence we have treated many patients in their 70s and 80s.  We have recently placed implants into the mouth of a 92 year old lady and she was delighted with the results.”

To view the full article, visit “What is the right age for dental implants?”