Comparing dental implants and dentures

Dental implants and dentures are compared in an article published on  It provides prospective patients with useful information about both tooth replacement options.  The article covers:

  • comfort
  • jawbone shrinkage (resorption)
  • ease of biting and chewing
  • how taste is affected
  • care and maintenance
  • expected lifespan

Dental implants are considered a permanent replacement for missing teeth.  Titanium posts replace the root of the tooth and fuse with the jaw, preserving and stimulating bone growth.  Dentures, due to lack of chewing stimulation can cause bone to shrink (resorb) and may require frequent relining or need replacing to maintain a comfortable fit.  Dental implants can last as long as natural teeth, given proper oral care routines and regular check-ups.

Implant treatment is a reliable, predictable way to replace missing teeth.  Dr Colin Neil, one of the contributors to the article believes that dental implants are, “the gold standard method for replacing missing teeth, problematic bridges or dentures.”

To view the full article, visit “Dental implants or dentures?”