Dentists warn of the risks of missing teeth

The negative consequences of having missing teeth are highlighted in an article published on this website. Written in conjunction with experienced dentists, the article warns that losing a tooth can lead to a host of clinical conditions that over several years can cause complete toothlessness.

When you have a missing tooth/teeth, it can affect your ability to speak and eat properly.  People often feel more self conscious about smiling and laughing.  The health of remaining teeth may be endangered once a tooth is lost.

More and more dentists are recommending dental implants as the preferred option for replacing missing teeth.  Although there are several alternatives, dental implants are the only method of replacing the whole tooth.  Tooth implants can restore the ability to eat, talk, smile and laugh with as much confidence as having natural teeth.  

Dentists say:

“Tooth loss can be life-changing.  Appearance, speech, self-respect and dignity all suffer, with different people majoring on different aspects.  It can be heart-breaking for friends and relatives to watch someone close withdraw from various facets of life.” After losing a tooth, “Movement of adjacent teeth can lead to further tooth decay and food impaction where your teeth would normally have been in contact with each other. This in turn results in additional dental work such as fillings, crowns and in some cases further tooth loss.”

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