New teeth without pain

Implant tooth replacement is not as painful as patients expect, according to an article based on the experience of dentists who provide the treatment.  People who have undergone the procedure say that the benefits more than compensate for any temporary discomfort experienced.

For millions of people who have lost one or more of their natural teeth, having dental implants can restore their confidence to speak, laugh, smile and eat normally.   According to the article published on, would-be patients need not be concerned that this potentially life-changing treatment will be painful.

Dental implant placement is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, similar to that given for routine dentistry.  Patients may also be offered sedation if they feel nervous.  Over-the-counter painkillers are usually sufficient to provide relief, if any temporary discomfort is experienced.

What implant dentists say:

“Patients are genuinely very often surprised how easy and painless the process is”.   “The majority of patients experience no pain at all during the procedure and very little pain afterwards.” “Most patients experience very little discomfort and by the following day hardly know that they have an implant placed.”   “In actual fact, most patients are amazed at how little discomfort is felt throughout the entire treatment procedure.”  

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