Regain a complete smile

Dental implants can be considered as a solution to the problem of a full arch of missing teeth. An article published on provides prospective patients with useful information about teeth implant treatment. It explores all the options and the non-implant alternatives to replace a full set of missing teeth, including:

  • Permanently fixed porcelain bridge
  • Acrylic bridge supported by four implants
  • Removable clip-retained denture (implant-supported overdenture)
  • Implant-stabilised denture
  • Fixed teeth in a day
  • Non-implant denture

Dental implants are permanent alternatives for missing and failing teeth, and the only treatment available that replaces both the lost natural tooth and its root. For millions of people who have lost their natural teeth, having dental implants can restore their confidence to speak, laugh, smile and eat normally.

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