Kiss with confidence on Valentine’s Day

Enjoyable Valentine’s Day activities such as kissing, laughing and sharing a romantic, candle-lit meal with a loved one could be a daunting prospect for those with missing teeth.  Uncomfortable, poor-fitting dentures could lead to an embarrassing dinner table faux pas, resulting in anxiety.  However, help is at hand, as millions of people in the UK could benefit from dental implant treatment.

Teeth implants can help you to regain a healthy-looking smile, maintain a youthful appearance, and give you the confidence to kiss your partner without worry.  Dental implants are seen by many as the gold standard for tooth replacement, but accessing the treatment can prove difficult.  That’s why the patient website click4teeth was created.  Now anyone wanting a tooth implant can easily find and contact their nearest implant dentist.

Dental implants are permanent replacements for failing or missing tooth roots.  An implant is a post, made from titanium or zirconia, which is inserted into the jaw and left to fuse with the jawbone for a period of around three months.  Replacement teeth, such as single crowns, multi-tooth bridges and dentures, are then secured on top of the post(s).

Click4teeth helps speed things along by putting patients directly in contact with a nearby implant clinic.  Patients can simply use the clinic finder on the homepage to browse the directory of local dentists and book an initial consultation.