Dental implant treatment - what patients say

“Mr Jain is undoubtedly a technically gifted dental surgeon practising at the leading edge of his profession.  He has an outstanding ability to empathise with the needs and aspirations of his patient. He told me exactly what he could do for me, and how he would go about this .... and he then went on to do precisely what he had said he would do. I experienced minimal pain and discomfort and noted marked improvements in my appearance and ability to eat comfortably at every stage of the treatment. Mr Jain’s calm, professional and continually reassuring manner throughout the process gave me great confidence that I had selected a truly exceptional dentist and the ideal treatment plan.”

“Throughout my treatment at each step I was kept fully informed as to what was taking place which I found reassuring, enabling me to relax and feel confident in his ability.  I am very pleased with my new teeth but more importantly I no longer need to  wear a denture, therefore I am more confident and no longer afraid to smile.  Dr Jain is a consummate professional at all times, also a considerate gentle clinician. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

"I can smile unselfconsciously and eat comfortably, which is something I haven’t been able to do for most of my life!  I am very grateful for the patience and work Hari and his team put into my treatment and would not hesitate to recommend Hari to anyone considering this type of treatment.”

"I lost two upper teeth and my dentist referred me to Dr Hunjan for implants. The ambiance and professionalism of Smile Solutions has been very reassuring.  Dr Hunjan explained the treatment in detail with written costings.  I did not like the thought of drilling into my jaw but found this no more uncomfortable than visits to the hygienist.  I am thrilled and delighted with the finished result and would have no hesitation in recommending your practice for treatment."

"When Dr Hemant Yadav suggested implant treatment to me, I was naturally worried and unsure whether to go ahead as I did not know what was involved.  But right from the initial consultation, when the procedure was thoroughly explained, through the preparation and finally the implant, everything went extremely well.  Everyone looked after me so well I had no reason to worry.  I would most definitely recommend the practice and treatment to anyone."

“I would like to recommend Dr Hemant Yadav for the first class treatment and care I have received over the last 18 months.  The treatment was planned and completed over several appointments with Dr Yadav always making clear what he would be doing. His service and that of his staff have helped transform my teeth to allow me to smile confidently again.  I can’t thank him enough.”

“Having had dentures for a number of years I was recommended to Sanjay Chopra for dental implants.  After consultation I had five implants.  I wish I had opted for this treatment years ago as the implants are marvellous and feel just like my own teeth.”

“I started treatment with Dr Chopra a year ago and am absolutely delighted with the results.  I do not begrudge a single penny spent on the implants.  I have benefitted enormously.  I am more confident when meeting people both socially and professionally.  I now enjoy smiling.”

“For anyone who may be thinking of having a 'new smile', don't put it off for 2 years like I did, as it has made such a difference in my confidence and self image.”

“Over the past 18 months I have received the very best of care from everyone at the practice. I was quite apprehensive and nervous about the various procedures, but John’s patience and understanding put me at ease. I now have a smile I am proud of.  I am delighted with the result.”

“Martin has completed treatment on seven of my teeth over a period of eighteen months.  His professional skills and patient care are excellent.  It is worth every penny.”

“I Found him admirable-It was just like having my own teeth”

“Very helpful, kind and experienced professionals, I was at ease-I have now overcome my fear of dentists”

“Friendly and approachable, I felt I was in the right place - When it was done I felt I could go back to living again”

“I felt incomplete, he is clearly a man of integrity, he treats his patients as equals, he keeps you well informed-it has been life changing-I wouldn’t have had this treatment anywhere else-this is as good as it gets”

“After many years of extensive dental work I was recommended for implants. When I went to see Anmol I immediately felt reassured. At every step I was consulted, offered amazingly good service with minimal pain and for the first time in my life I actually looked forward to going to the dentist.  The outcome has been amazing. My smile is totally natural and my confidence is sky high.”

“I was told that the treatment I was considering was life changing, and it is true.  I now feel good about myself, far more self-assured and am no longer embarrassed to smile.  Thanks to Anmol’s expertise the results have exceeded my expectations.”

“I was apprehensive about implant surgery but Philip Hayter put me completely at ease. The implant settled quickly and painlessly.  I regard it as my own tooth and am wholly confident with it.”

“I had three implants fitted at Highland View three months ago.  They settled in very quickly and have given me so much confidence.  I am now considering implants for the top teeth.”

“My treatment has been carried out to a high standard and every stage was explained very clearly and in detail.”

“Following my treatment I am going forward with renewed confidence.”

“I did not want to wear normal dentures. I then read about ‘Implant Dentures’ and thought this sounds good, so I went to see Rory. He explained all my options, cost, etc and what we needed to do. My treatment commenced and all my remaining teeth were extracted. Implants were placed on the top and bottom. Amazing results, my teeth look so natural. Brill colour, eating is no problem and I have a perfect bite. I never want to take them out, but have to for cleaning purposes. I can now laugh, smile, have my photograph taken without thinking ‘hope nobody sees my horrible teeth’. Thank you so much.”

“I am 52 years old and have been a smoker all my life, which ruined my teeth and my gums. My teeth were so disgusting that I never smiled any more. Also my confidence to talk to people was gone. So I made a decision that something had to be done. I came to see Rory, who discussed what had to be done. I am a very nervous person and afraid of dentists. So I was put right at ease from day one. Now I have no fear of the dentist and trust them so much. Now I have beautiful teeth and have my confidence back. I can’t wait to get my bottom teeth done. I am now a non-smoker and will remain to be one. So thanks Rory, for a brilliant job well done.”

“I would just like to thank you so much for the wonderful implants you have just completed for me. I had no pain either during or after the procedure and would not hesitate to have more if needed. I would recommend anyone thinking of implants to come and see you."

“Thank you, Dr Glover for your care and attention during the implant treatment. Your clear explanations meant that I was prepared and reassured during the whole process, which went smoothly. I am delighted with the result. The implants look and feel absolutely natural - definitely something to smile about !”

“Several months have passed since my dental implant treatment was completed, they have been joyous months. I am now able to crunch my way into apple, steak and crust with a pleasure long forgotten.”


“My new teeth have changed my life. I can now eat anything and am able to enjoy a nice steak, something I haven’t been able to do for years. It’s also been good for my general confidence, as I no longer have to hide my teeth when I smile.  If you’re thinking about having dental implants, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Balaji for his excellent treatment.”

“I had a lot of work done that involved bone grafts and multiple implants, as well as extensive conservation. During the whole of the treatment period I was never left in a condition that caused any real difficulty.”

“I wish to express my immense satisfaction with the care given to me by Dr Byfield. He has a manner that makes one feel instantly at ease.  I had a great amount of reconstructive care and felt I was treated by an extremely knowledgeable professional.”

It is just over a year since my implant was placed.  My dentist has finished the treatment and I have the crown on the implant and a new bridge alongside it. I now have a comfortable mouth and can once more smile with confidence. I am thrilled with the end result.”

Dr Hare was very caring, reassuring and patient with me. I was very happy with him.”

“I would like to thank you for your patience and professional guidance during my dental surgery. My teeth were not the most shapely, which did not encourage me to smile during conversations or even when being photographed. Now I can tell a different story. After your help and guidance I have a beautiful set of teeth, which has changed my life. I am a much happier person and enjoy smiling for the first time in a long time.”

"The best investment I have ever made.”

“Thank you for giving me my smile back.  I am really thrilled with the result of my treatment, also the care and attention shown to me.  I would recommend the clinic to anyone who was in the same need as myself. You were all really kind and professional in your approach which was greatly appreciated.”

“I am very pleased to say that I now have my teeth fitted and could not be happier with the results.  Thank you and the team for the excellent service and kindness I received during my treatment.”

“It is just over six months since my implant was placed. I can’t believe the difference it has made to my life. I now have a comfortable mouth, can smile once more and kiss with confidence. Thank you.”

“I was so nervous before having the treatment. Nilesh and his team made the process so easy and simple. I didn’t even take a pain killer after the surgery. The end result is amazing. If I lose another tooth I will have no hesitation of having another implant.”

"To lose my teeth was devastating, I was just too young, so when I got my implants it was just amazing, I just feel so confident.”

“I’m really happy with my teeth and how natural they look.  It’s made such a difference.  It’s definitely the best thing I’ve ever done!”

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