Dental implant treatment - what patients say

"I was very impressed with the work that Gary Hills performed for me. Not only was the result better than expected, but great value and as close to a pain-free experience as I have ever had."

"I just wanted to say thank you for making me smile on my wedding day. I would not have had the confidence without what you did."

" Implant surgery was very new to me, but I decided that this was the right option. I am very pleased with the outcome which has given me two strong teeth with an attractive appearance, and totally eliminated previous pain and discomfort. The implant procedure itself was pain-free, and carried out with skill and precision by Dr Elmanharawy and his staff. I am very happy to recommend the Cottage Implant Clinic."

"After careful explanation of the various alternatives I decided that an implant was by far the best treatment option for me in terms of aesthetic functionality and longevity. The procedure and costing were explained in detail and the treatment itself was carried out with exceptional care and attention. The result has been brilliant, everything I have hoped for."

"I am delighted with the results, my chewing has improved greatly, they look natural, a perfect fit and I have more definition in my jawline. Any concerns that I had during the procedure, I could address with Vikram, thus ensuring that I was totally at ease at all times. The whole team contributed to my comfort throughout as they always were polite, professional and welcoming."

"I chose to have a dental implant to replace a damaged tooth. I must record my absolute delight with the outcome which even close relatives and friends cannot distinguish from the original. I cannot commend Mr Kavi and his colleagues highly enough. Whilst those around him helped to project an atmosphere of friendly efficiency, he himself has a warm and welcoming personality which, combined with his highly professional skills, filled me with absolute confidence during what was, inevitably, a complicated procedure. From my experience I would recommend that anyone with dental problems, particularly those who are embarrassed or apprehensive, should go along to the Crown Dental Group for skilled, safe and friendly advice and treatment."

“I just wanted to thank you all. I am very impressed with your dental surgery, treatment and staff.”


Dr Ben Goode

18 Dental

“I am now the proud owner of three implants and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my smile. Gone are the days of trying to hide my teeth and now I can smile with confidence. The dental treatment I have received has been superb and I would sincerely like to thank everyone at Aquae Sulis.”

“I can honestly say that I have never been happier about my appearance. The professional, caring attitude that I have received from every member of the team, confirms that my first impression was correct.  Thank you for giving me back my smile and my confidence.”

"Having the work done has had such a huge positive impact on my life - and I know I made the right decision.  I cannot begin to thank you enough - you have changed my life for the better - I feel like I have won the lottery."     

"You have restored my confidence, thank you."

“Over the past few years I have had problems with lower dentures, constant sore mouth with ulcers and inflammation, latterly unable to tolerate wearing the lower denture and only able to eat soft food.  I was referred to Dr Nixon at Clarendon Dental Spa and because of my situation it was suggested I have dental implants with a fixed bridge.  Since having the implants and bridge fitted it has made a huge improvement.  I am no longer embarrassed to eat in a social setting as before, and can now eat the food I enjoy.  My grateful thanks to Dr Nixon for his excellent care and attention to detail shown to me over the course of my appointment.”

“Mr Jain is undoubtedly a technically gifted dental surgeon practising at the leading edge of his profession.  He has an outstanding ability to empathise with the needs and aspirations of his patient. He told me exactly what he could do for me, and how he would go about this .... and he then went on to do precisely what he had said he would do. I experienced minimal pain and discomfort and noted marked improvements in my appearance and ability to eat comfortably at every stage of the treatment. Mr Jain’s calm, professional and continually reassuring manner throughout the process gave me great confidence that I had selected a truly exceptional dentist and the ideal treatment plan.”

“Throughout my treatment at each step I was kept fully informed as to what was taking place which I found reassuring, enabling me to relax and feel confident in his ability.  I am very pleased with my new teeth but more importantly I no longer need to  wear a denture, therefore I am more confident and no longer afraid to smile.  Dr Jain is a consummate professional at all times, also a considerate gentle clinician. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

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