Dental implant treatment - what patients say

"I was so impressed; not only with the implant, which looks so natural, but also the care, dedication and service I received.My own dentist was only able to offer me a denture which I was adamant I didn’t want."

"The procedure was surprisingly easy; more comfortable than having the teeth removed. The finished implants and crowns look and feel like my own teeth, only better."

"I always recommend implants and, without hesitation, recommend your practice if they want a professional and first-class job done. You have given me back my confidence as I no longer need to hide my mouth behind my hand when talking. I now feel like a new woman, for which I thank you and all your staff"

"Thank you very much to everyone involved in my brand new implant. Congratulations Mitesh on a wonderful team who made me feel very comfortable about something that I was immensely scared about when I walked in your door. I have a very limited income and it was a big decision for me to use my savings for this. However you have all made me feel like a "whole person" again and I am so happy to be able to smile with confidence again!!"

"Mr. Eilertsen performed a sinus graft on my upper right gum as I had 3 teeth extracted some time ago and did not wish to have a part denture. The procedure went well and I did not experience any pain, only slight bruising on my cheek. I now have 3 beautiful new crowns which look good and I can smile again with confidence."

"It is over a year since you completed the sinus graft and implant placements in my upper right jaw. The whole implant process was less painful and stressful that the original extraction. Since completion this part of the mouth performed perfectly and feels just like a perfect set of teeth."

'When I was offered the chance of having implants and not a denture, it was like a ray of hope coming through. My dentist recommended Nigel who gave me a range of options to choose from that suited both me and my bank balance.  Now I can laugh, smile, have a lot of fun and kiss with confidence without worrying. Somehow one feels more whole.'

'Everything was explained so thoroughly and I felt reassured that I was in hands that I could trust. I took the option of sedation so my memory of the procedure is not there, it was really easy with no discomfort, in fact it didn’t seem like a procedure at all. I was also very impressed with the aftercare. I’m not restricted in anything I eat; it’s so straightforward and is literally like having your own teeth.'

"I am so pleased with my implant and would like to thank you for the excellent treatment I received. Not at any time did I feel uncomfortable or in any pain. I was made to feel relaxed and was reassured throughout. I would also like to thank all the staff for the extreme care I received during the procedure. The treatment has been worth every penny and I would recommend it to anybody."

"I am writing to express my appreciation of the service I received from the initial appointment to the final day when I emerged from Worthing Implant Centre with a smile to be proud of. What you said in your literature was true, you recreated a confident smile, and I can honestly say the whole treatment was virtually pain free."

I had suffered trauma and knocked out a front tooth which really affected my confidence as I hated the removable denture.  Fortunately my usual dentist referred me to Dr Colin Neil and he was able to replace this with bone grafting and a fixed dental implant tooth which looks so natural it has literally “rebuilt” my confidence!  Worth every penny, I just wish I had done this sooner!”

"I was putting up with dentures because I was so worried about having more dental treatment.  I was told that Dr Colin Neil could give me sedation during surgery and I got my fixed implant teeth.  I can now eat, smile, laugh and even kiss with confidence again. This has been truly life transforming, thank you to Dr Neil and your professional, caring team.”

"Since Duncan became my dentist, matters have changed considerably.  I have had four bridges and three implants, which has meant that for the first time in my life I now have the full complement of teeth and not one ounce of trouble.  I would recommend Duncan to anyone especially if you need dental implants, mine are fabulous."

"I write this letter to espress my thanks and appreciation to you for giving me my speech, taste and confidence to smile again back.  For the first time in 30 years I can now bite into an apple and taste the food I am eating."

"I have been a patient with Matthew for almost 20 years and even though I have moved out of the area, I continue to visit Matthew for my dental work. Like most people, I have a slight fear of dentistry - but it is to Matthew's credit that he manages that aspect tremendously well.
More important than that is that Matthew is exceptionally professional and he keeps up to date on all developments in dentistry.  He is also really good at explaining the work he is doing on my mouth - and why he is doing it. He did an implant for me in 2008 and was excellent at managing that challenging process. 
I would not hesitate to recommend him as a dentist for anyone."

"I went out for a big family lunch on Saturday, it wasn't so much what I ate but the fact that I went at all! Apart from special occasions I have tended to avoid restaurant situations over the past MANY years, being too self conscious to eat in front of people. You have no idea how much difference it makes to your confidence when you can eat without worrying too much about your teeth."

"Sanjay Sethi is a true artist! A very conscientious practitioner that carries out dentistry to the absolute highest standard! I am a very happy patient."

“I cannot thank Andrew and his team enough for their highly supportive and professional treatment during my dental implant surgery. Andrew is clearly a highly skilled dental practitioner and he put me at ease straight away.  My case was not straightforward and other dentists were not able to help – Winning Smiles COULD!

I am so impressed by the quality of Andrew’s dentistry and his eye for detail. I HIGHLY recommend this dentist and love my new implants!”

“After searching for a new dentist I was delighted to find Winning Smiles, impressed by the service and pleased with the affordable and comprehensive dental plan.  The hygienists and dentists offer an excellent level of treatment using the latest technology. In a complex case concerning implants it was brilliant to have a team who worked out a schedule of treatment, kept me informed of progress and were able to accommodate a busy working life.”

" Having had problems with my front teeth since the age of seven when I fell and broke them, I had reached the point when the only acceptable solution to my problem was to have implants. I have to say that the care and attention I received was second to none and I am so very pleased with the result. I can now smile again with confidence, the consideration and professional competence shown by TC and his team is something for which I am truly grateful."

"The procedure went well and I went home, waiting for the pain and swelling to strike. It never did!  The result was a restored precision set of teeth that feel totally natural, and a corrected bite which is comfortable again.  So pleased am I with my implant, I am thinking of leaving it to someone in my will! My only regret is that there are a couple of overfilled dodgy molars in the top jaw looking down enviously."

"As a patient of Ocean Dental I recently had three implants and three crowns. This was carried out in a most professional, sympathetic manner and was completely painless throughout. I was so embarrassed to smile and now I can smile broadly and laugh heartily with total confidence. My mouth looks like that of the girl I once was and I feel like a young girl again! What a boost to my morale! I am totally delighted with the results and would recommend dental implants without hesitation."

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