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Dr Bill Schaeffer


Bill Schaeffer, one of the founders of The Implant Centre, is a dentist, a medical doctor, a qualified surgeon and a registered Specialist Oral Surgeon.  He began placing implants in1996 and has gone on to become one of the most experienced implantologists in the UK.  He has pioneered techniques now used by implantologists throughout the world.

Patient consultations

Patients just beginning to think about dental implant treatment may find it helpful to attend a free initial consultation with an Implant Coordinator to find out more about the possible treatment options available and associated costs. This appointment does not include a clinical examination and is free of charge for visitors enquiring through this website.  Please use the button in the right hand column to request an appointment.

Once you have decided in principle that you want implant treatment, the next step is a clinical consultation.  This includes a comprehensive oral examination and  x-rays after which you will receive a personalised treatment plan outlining your proposed treatment, timescales and associated costs. The fee for the clinical assessment appointment and provision of your personal treatment plan is £150.00 including X-rays. 

Main implant treatments and procedures offered

  • From single tooth to full-mouth cases
  • All necessary grafting procedures performed by experienced specialists
  • The latest cone beam CT technology available on-site
  • Computer-guided implant placement available for predictable results
  • Teaching available for referring dentists
  • Sedation available by dedicated anaesthetist

Patient testimonials

"Before and during the treatment I was kept fully informed of all aspects of the procedure and was constantly reassured. The end result is a perfect set of teeth indistinguishable from natural teeth. I cannot imagine that it would be possible to receive a higher level of expertise and care."

Additional information

Guy Barwell BDS, MBBS, FDS RCS Eng, BSc Hons
Guy is also qualified in both medicine and dentistry and experienced in all types of implant surgery. His particular interest is in the management of failing implant cases, for which he receives referrals from around the UK.

Implant case referral policies, procedures and administration

We work as closely as requested with referring dentists keeping them fully informed through all stages of their patient’s treatment.  Whilst many are happy for us to undertake all of the surgical and restorative treatment required, we also actively encourage those who wish to restore cases and will return patients to their care with the necessary information and preparation.

Referrals can be sent by fax or post.  Send your patient details and a brief summary of the case and we will contact them directly to arrange a consultation and then keep you fully informed of our findings and proposed treatment options.  A specialist referral pack can be sent upon request.

The Implant Centre

5 Heath Square
Boltro Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex RH16 1BL

01444 474015

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The Implant Centre is a purpose-built dental referral centre dedicated exclusively to the provision of dental implants.
Founded in Oct 2006, our dedicated team provide a centre of excellence to which over 300 dentists currently refer their patients and families. We are also a successful training centre for dentists from across the South East, and we regularly lecture about advanced dental implant techniques throughout the UK and internationally.


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