Dental implant treatment - what patients say

"Thank you for all your hard work. I never dreamt that my new tooth would look and feel so real. It’s so nice to be able to confidently eat out again.   Thank you to all your staff too, who made my visits so comfortable and stress-free.
I have been telling all my friends how implant treatment really is the way to go.”

"Before and during the treatment I was kept fully informed of all aspects of the procedure and was constantly reassured. The end result is a perfect set of teeth indistinguishable from natural teeth. I cannot imagine that it would be possible to receive a higher level of expertise and care."

“Following the breakdown of two upper teeth I was faced with the prospect of visible spaces.  All options were explained  to me and I decided on the implant route. The whole process was more straightforward than I had feared.  Mark and his excellent team made the whole process seem like routine treatment.”

“Mark Robotham has carried out implant surgery for me on four separate occasions over the past seven years and I cannot speak too highly of his expertise and professionalism.He and his team ensured that on each occasion the surgery was carried out in a reassuring and considerate manner, with every step of the process clearly explained”.

"I now can totally enjoy all types of food/meals without worrying about whether I will be able to chew the food properly, I'm back to enjoying those lovely crispy apples again, so the implants have been a fantastic success.  
It really is great to look forward to a night out for a meal with friends, knowing that I can eat without having to "slip out" to fix my dentures.
My friends have even commented that  I smile a lot more now, obviously my confidence has been restored to its former level."

"I had two choices, wear a denture or invest in a implant. Philip Burns talked me through my options and, after consideration, I opted to go for the finished job of having an implant fitted.  Philip explained in great detail and helped me feel at ease as we went through step by step.  I now have a confident smile and no longer fret as I take customers out for lunch on whether my tooth will let me down or not.  A job well done in my opinion and worth every penny."

"The result achieved by having my teeth fixed is excellent.  My teeth look fabulous and really natural.  Because of this, I feel much more confident and people have been commenting on how well I look.”

“It's difficult to explain how my life has turned around since having my teeth fixed.  I now for the first time in my life have the confidence to smile, laugh and have my photo taken!  This has made me more sociable and approachable both in my working and personal life.  You offer an outstanding service of professionalism and friendliness that can not be surpassed.”

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