Dental implant treatment - what patients say

"As my extensive dental restoration is nearing completion I felt it timely to express my deeply felt gratitude to both you and Sharon for the excellent transformation you have achieved.
I am now greatly enjoying the benefits of the restoration. Not only do I now have a complete smile but importantly for me, I am able to enjoy foods which had previously become increasingly difficult to eat."

"I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the extensive work you carried out on my teeth.
After 50 years of being ashamed of my gaps and more recently experiencing difficulty eating steaks and other tough foods, I can now eat anything and smile too!
Throughout the process I found you reassuring, informative and skilful.
In sum, I would recommend you without reservation."

"Thank you so much for the amazing treatment I have received. My teeth look fantastic, I can't believe how much better they look. I am so pleased I have had the work done and would recommend you all to everyone considering dental implants."


Dr Ben White

White Dental

"From a very young age I was missing four front teeth and since the age of 18 I've had to wear a plate. I was only planning to have implants but Ben convinced me to have orthodontic treatment as well. It was truly worth it. Not only have I lost my plate but I have gained a perfect smile. I only wish I had come to you sooner."


Dr Ben White

White Dental

"The treatment was very straightforward. After the surgical side of treatment, there was minimal discomfort which subsided quickly.  Further appointments took place at my convenience at my local dental surgery.  The treatment is now complete, the end result is excellent."

"Chris made sure I was looked after and helped to make such an overwhelming decision so much easier.  I cannot put into words how much I appreciate all the time he took explaining the treatment, thanks to his patience I saw a glimmer of light.  From my initial diagnosis through to the fitting of my implants I have been extremely well looked after and been more than delighted with the results."

"I feel quite delighted with the ease with which I do something as simple as chew my food. Those last few implants were the key to gaining what I have been missing for some 45 years. Your meticulous work and attention to detail have given me what nature failed to deliver. A job well done by all involved....not cheap but worth every penny, thank you."


Dr Ian Hallam

Meon Dental

"Mr Belford and his team went to a lot of trouble to explain the procedure and to show exactly what would be involved. After the necessary injections there was no pain whatsoever. Now that I have my new teeth and can chew properly again, I am absolutely delighted with the result and can honestly say that it was worthwhile. Who wants to wear dentures if they don’t have to?"

"Dr Belford explained in detail what was involved with implant treatment and, when I underwent the procedure, I did not experience any discomfort. I have now had the implant and crown for three months and am very pleased with the result as it is just like having a natural tooth. I can now eat and socialise with complete confidence and would certainly recommend it to anyone who has an unsightly gap."

"I am delighted with my new dental implant. I received first class treatment from the initial consultation to completion. As a nervous patient I was kept informed and reassured throughout the whole process. Having gone through root fillings in the past, I found that having an implant was less stressful and produced a more satisfactory result. I would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment and the wonderful team at Beechview Dental."

"I’m just so pleased at not having to wear that denture. My confidence is back, and I’m more than happy to recommend the team at Beechview."

"I was very nervous of having implants but there was no need to be. Having the implants placed was painless and the care and attention I received at South Coast Dental Specialists was second to none. My mouth has never felt so good."

“I am extremely happy with the result of the implant that Touraj provided for me replacing my missing front tooth. He was extremely caring and the attention to detail was amazing. I was also very pleased and comfortable with his specialists and supporting team.”   

“I had some gaps for many years and I was very scared of dentists until I met Touraj. He made me feel comfortable during the consultation and therefore I decided to proceed with the treatment. Thanks to him and his team I can smile with confidence again.”

"The implants have changed my life and I had no pain or problems after. I have recommended Dr Oberai to all of my friends and family."

"I been a patient of Dr Oberai for 15 years now, and when I needed implants, I had no hesitation in trusting Dr Oberai to give me the best care."

"I have found Bruce Guild to be a highly professional dentist, with a pleasant ‘chair side’ manner.  He seeks to explain thoroughly his reasons for recommended treatments and what the procedure entails at every stage – a ‘no surprises’ approach, which I have found very reassuring. I have complete confidence in this highly professional, responsive and friendly practice."

"Bruce Guild has proven to be an excellent professional and has carried out major work in a superb manner. Bruce has consummate confidence building skills and his expertise in unquestionable."

“The treatment I have received at Bexleyheath Dental Practice has been absolutely fantastic. The staff are very reassuring and kind, they always go out of their way to put you at ease. The atmosphere in the surgery is relaxing and calm. We would highly recommend the practice to anybody.”

“As a very nervous patient, I was very anxious about having ANY dental treatment, let alone having an implant placed.  I was reassured by everyone I dealt with in the practice.

I had mild sedation, a local anaesthetic and the choice of some relaxing music to listen to.  I felt no pain, no pressure and no discomfort throughout my time in the chair.  The implant placement was very straightforward and therefore only took 30 minutes.

Afterwards as the anaesthetic wore off, I was only aware of the slight discomfort from the injection site as if I had only had a filling done. I left the surgery with a healing cap which covers the implant and I will shortly have my crown fitted. I have had no issues at all since the implant. I cannot praise Dr Hanna and his team highly enough. My treatment was professional, painless and effective.” 

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